Who is Pika?

Pika is a seriously disabled child who was required to beg in the streets of Bali for many years.

In December 2009, Pika was rescued by the Bali Street Kids Project (www.ykpa.org). Her care has required extensive treatments, many medical specialists and transports, as well as social working to help her and the other children adjust to a normal life. She endured 4 surguries in 5 months, the last was life saving. She needs ongoing medical and social care for her to become a normal kid; and donations to afford it all. Please read her story (from the bottom up

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The purpose of this blog

Pika is an abused and neglected child with multiple birth defects, physical and social problems, and entrusted to the care of YKPA, an organization helping street children in Bali Indonesia.

She needs a large team of people to help her heal her previous trauma, and afford the cost of her care.

The following posts will first give her history and history of care at the orphanage, then follow her ongoing care.

We hope you will join her team, and how about following her story at the link above!

PHOTO: After years of being carried around and having to beg, Putu got the police to finally stop it!

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