Who is Pika?

Pika is a seriously disabled child who was required to beg in the streets of Bali for many years.

In December 2009, Pika was rescued by the Bali Street Kids Project (www.ykpa.org). Her care has required extensive treatments, many medical specialists and transports, as well as social working to help her and the other children adjust to a normal life. She endured 4 surguries in 5 months, the last was life saving. She needs ongoing medical and social care for her to become a normal kid; and donations to afford it all. Please read her story (from the bottom up

Monday, January 17, 2011

NO! Not surgery again?

Sadly, a few days ago Pika developed a serious infection in her amputated leg causing high fever, large swelling, redness, blood and pus. The infection started after she fell down injuring her leg in enthusiasm to learn to walk with her prosthetic leg.

Putu took her to the hospital for a few visits and strong antibiotics, but she only got worse. Four nights ago she went into emergency surgery at 11pm.

There were no empty beds in the hospital due to the epidemic of dengue now in Indonesia, so Pika stayed in the noisy surgery recovery area for 2 days before getting a regular room.

She is back home at the YKPA Orphanage now where she's receiving care by Putu and staff.

Unfortunately, besides her normal incontinence of urine, requiring she constantly wears diapers (and is still needing evaluation and care of), she is now the same for her bowels!

We are considering what this sweet grateful child now needs to continue to recover from the years of abuse.

YKPA URGENTLY NEEDS HELP IN PAYING HER HOSPITAL BILLS AND FUTURE CARE. Donations are tax-deductible in the UK, US, and Holland. Please email us at care4child@ykpa.org

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